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Standing out at an exhibition can be hard, particularly when you are surrounded by like-minded vendors all providing a similar service.

Make your exhibition stand stand out

Do you go for a minimalist approach or do you apply a more creative aesthetic? How can you ensure that you go the extra mile to encourage custom?

Experiential elements

We live in an experiential age where everyone is looking to make memories and take more from the events they are attending.  

Immersive stands that offer experiential elements are set to stand out from the crowd.

Engaging with augmented reality and VR can be an exciting way of offering something a little bit different.

Technologies such as these communicate just how committed your stand is to the ever-changing world of events, ensuring that you are contemporary and in touch with the latest event trends.

Plus, what could be more entertaining than donning a VR headset experiencing another place entirely.

Plans and goals

Making plans and setting goals is the best way to make sure your stand is on track for success.

Anticipating footfall and delegating roles and responsibilities to your team ensures that you are leaving nothing to chance.

Will there be key focus areas such as encouraging visitors to your stand or serving customers once they have discovered what you do?

Having a clear plan will encourage organisation within the team, so everyone will always know what they should be doing, where they are supposed to be and connecting and engaging with prospective customers visiting the stand.

If you are selling stock or offering a specific service at the exhibition, something as simple as planning ahead and anticipating custom will mean that you are always ahead of the curve.

Brand identity

There is a lot to be said about making sure you have a clear brand identity.

Establishing your brand culture and values is a key way to ensure you’re on the right path.

What is your purpose? Who do you serve, and what does it provide? Your brand identity encompasses all of these factors.

Your position in the market is another key factor in determining your success. Chances are, if you are exhibiting at an exhibition of any kind you will be overcome with competitors as like-minded individuals often belong to a similar community.  

Identifying your position in the market and your core competitors will enable you to make forward-thinking decisions, offer even more and shine ahead the rest of the competition.

The pieces that fit together to create your visual brand identity are also very important.

A dynamic logo, bespoke fonts, stickers and specialised merchandise that are unique to you is a failsafe way of making sure you are set apart from the masses.

Connecting with people

So, your exhibitors stand ticks all of the boxes above.

You have experiential qualities to make it dynamic and interesting. Everyone knows what they are doing and where they have to be. Your brand identity is sorted, and you have identified your competitors.

Sometimes the most simple tricks of the trade can be the difference between your stand and the one pitched next to you.

Customer service and connecting with your clients is crucial because it communicates your commitment to quality and representing your industry.

Passionate and well-informed staff elevate good stands into great stands. In addition, clients value expertise and attention to detail, something that money can’t buy.

In a competitive market, giving the best service and having an active social media presence really helps set you apart.

What’s next...

There is a variety of factors that determine if an event is successful.

From connecting with people to securing your brand identity, setting goals, planning ahead and connecting with your audience.

So you’re all ready to go and have put the necessary steps in place to make yourselves stand out.

But what’s next? Having a comprehensive insurance policy in place means that you can leave the worrying to us, and focus on providing the best experience for your customers and clients possible.

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