Events and the Environment

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Climate change is already a hot topic, and with so many events being out on location surrounded by "nature", how can event organisers contribute to keeping a green globe?

Events and the Environment

In 2019 event organisers can do a lot to make their event as green as possible. Here are the key ways to make this happen:

Ditch the single-use plastics

Whilst this initiative might seem like an obvious solution, it is more important than ever. Whether it’s encouraging your attendees to bring their own water bottles and offering refill points, or encouraging your vendors to switch to sustainable packaging, the big changes always start at the top.

Top Tip: Offering a reward system is a great way of encouraging people to make the swap. Money off vouchers or a redeemable drink, really incentivise positive change.


So you’ve found the perfect space to hold your event. High up in the mountains or right on the coast, the scope of event locations know no bounds. But what about getting there?

If it’s an event that means you have to travel in transportation as supposed to by foot, encouraging lift-shares or minibuses and green coaches is an excellent way of reducing your carbon footprint.

Top Tip: Discounted affiliate links for green transportation methods on your website or social media channels builds great rapport with an added green bonus.

Work with the right people

When planning events there is so much to bear in mind. Keeping budgets low and respecting rules and regulations might be top of your priority list, but it is also crucial to work hire help that shares a similar belief in respecting the environment.

Paperless companies, use eco-fuel and conserve electricity are an excellent place to start. When contracting potential vendors and exhibitors, contacting them to ask about their goals and practices will enable you to make a clear and forward-thinking decision.

Top Tip: Make a survey in advance to ensure your potential vendors are committed to the environment. This is a useful way of making sure you’re contracting the right exhibitors.

Recycling points

It is expected that your attendees will have waste left over when it’s time to leave. The most effective way of making sure that this rubbish doesn’t end up in a landfill site is to offer clearly signposted and easily accessible recycling points for a whole variety of different materials.

Top Tip: Having a larger number of smaller recycling points will be far more effective than having fewer larger points. People may find the areas harder to navigate and this may deter them from correctly disposing of their waste.

Switch to LED

Our planet is truly beautiful and there is a lot of fun to be had with making sure we keep it that way. Switching up how you light it is a great way of making a big difference to your carbon footprint. LED lighting wastes considerably less heat producing far less greenhouse emissions.

Top Tip: Speak to a specialist to learn how you can make your event brighter without the footprint.

Having a green focus not only plays an important role in the reputation and image of the event, but it also reduces the negative impact an event can have on the local environment. It also is integral in raising awareness of the issues of climate change, the impact we have on the environment, and what we can do to contribute to keeping a greener globe.

To find out more about some of the steps events can take to reduce their impact on the environment, as well as a few other key areas related to an events corporate social responsibility, click here.

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