Planning Your Wedding Proposal

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Many people choose the month of february to make the most important decision of their life and with the high street shops, television and radio reminding you that it's valentine's day, why not celebrate in the most poignant way and take the big leap.

A Valentines Proposal

Save For The Occasion

If you ask anyone who has proposed to someone before, the most important thing you can do is save for your engagement. There is a lot of help available on the Internet to inform you about how much the perfect ring should cost. So whether you save ten months or two months of your yearly salary, it is always a great idea to make savings so you can ensure that your grand gesture is as big as you deem appropriate. Little things so a long way, so making your lunch and taking it to work, using a reusable coffee cup or taking hints and tips from family should ensure that your being savvy with those pennies.

Put a Ring On It

There are so many different options available to you when it comes to finding the perfect engagement ring for the one you love. When making the choice, many people go for pre-designed pieces available over a jewellery counter. However, If you know that special someone would benefit from something unusual and bling is their thing, why not  go the extra mile and design the perfect piece yourself. Many jewellery shops offer guidance and support with the process so you can ensure that the ring you choose is perfect as can be.

That Magic Moment

Everyone remembers the moment they first met the person they want to marry, whether it was a low key affair or a breathtaking moment, it is important to pick a place that reflects your relationship and how you view the other person. Whether that is at home in your own living room or the place that you had your first date, only you will know what is best. Important questions to ask include, does the person you are asking like the limelight? Or, would they prefer an intimate moment to share with only you? Whether you do it by candlelight, or all your friends and family surprise your love after they have accepted, every occasion is different.

The Perfect Words

How can you put into words how important your partner is? Whether it’s the way they look at you first thing in the morning or how they make you feel just before you go to bed, the words that accompany the ring and the gesture make all the difference and now is very much the time to explain to your better half how much you really care. This is the moment they will remember and cherish for years to come.

What happens next...

So it’s the moment you have waited for your whole life, you have mustered all of your courage to get down on one knee and the love of your life has said yes! Adrenaline is running high and you’re about to make exciting decisions that will shape the trajectory of your big day.

There is so much to think about when planning for your wedding day, from invitations and colour schemes, to food, venues and guest lists. We have created ‘The Ultimate Wedding Guide’, designed to take couples through the entire wedding planning process to ensure they stay focused and feel in control at all times.

Now is also a great time to consider wedding insurance for your piece of mind. Before you start providing deposits for your big day and signing formal contacts between you and your suppliers, wedding insurance is there to support you should any problems arise.

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