Hosting a Corporate Halloween Event

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Many companies set traditions based around cultural and festive holidays, serving as fun ways to break up the working year.

Top Tips for Hosting a Corporate Halloween Event

Halloween is becoming increasingly more popular and is one of the best global traditions to encourage creativity and to promote teamwork and motivation in the work place.

Halloween also brings out the big kid in everyone. So, whether you are bobbing for Apples or making a creative costume, this festive holiday is the best example of work place fun. So that is why we have put together a list of the top ideas and creative hacks surrounding Halloween to inspire you.

Halloween Breakfast/Brunch

Sometimes when it comes to organising the perfect event, simple is the most effective.  An easy Halloween brunch is a fantastic way of bringing your colleagues together in the work place. Tasty treats in the morning or early afternoon offer fantastic team morale and reward your team for their hard work.

Themed food is also a fun way of encouraging work place creativity. ‘Bake Off’ style events are a great way of bringing people together, showing off your cooking skills and to create healthy competition!

A Corporate Halloween Party/Ball

If you are looking to conduct something a little bit bigger, a corporate Halloween party is a fantastic way to unwind. Traditional party games can be adapted, and a band or DJ can really set the mood.

Murder Mystery nights are also a fantastic way of engaging your team outside of work. These events often include a three-course meal and really put your sleuthing skills to the test. You will be required to use your intuition and avoid red herrings throughout the evening. An event like this will be something your office will talk about for years to come!

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving is an exercise in hand eye coordination and patience, which works very well if you are doing it in teams. Some fantastic inspiration and templates can be found online so you can make sure that everyone is pulling together to make something magical. Selecting the correct utensils is very important, there are a variety of kits available out there, so you can ensure the carving is as safe as possible.

Fancy Dress Competition

Another simple but effective idea, a classic costume competition brings out the big kid in everyone. Whether you go for a traditional costume such as a vampire, witch or Frankenstein or you opt for a more creative approach, this is a great way of getting to know the people you work with.

If you work in a traditional office, you could take it in turns at lunchtime to visit your colleague’s cubical or pod with a basket to collect sweets or fruit, kind of like the ‘Trick or Treat’ notion, without the trick!

Halloween Family Fun Day

Why not combine all the above and assemble a Halloween extravaganza for your work place? Dress up, games, pumpkin carving, live music and food all combine to make the perfect corporate event.

‘Dia de los Muertos’ style events are becoming very popular as they promote community spirit in keeping with Mexican tradition. Full of colour and decorations, why not book a Mexican street food provider to cater at your event?

So, what happens next…

When you have considered what sort of event most suits your company, it is now the time to consider Event Insurance. Whether you are having a high budget work do or you’re opting for a small-scale gathering, an Event Insurance policy ensures that you have peace of mind should anything unforeseeable occur.

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