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Now that we are finally out of the cold snap and spring is very much on the horizon, many people choose magical months such as February and March as the ideal time to propose to the one they love.

Planning Your Proposal

With so many weird and wonderful ideas when it comes to proposals, we have constructed the ultimate checklist of crazy ideas and key things to remember:

  • Save up – There are a lot of ideas on the Internet about how much the perfect ring should cost, so whether that’s 10 months or two months of your yearly salary, it is always a great idea to make the appropriate savings where you can. This could as simple as preparing lunch the night before or reading your morning newspaper on your tablet. It is always a good idea to start small and by making minor sacrifices, a little can ultimately go a very long way.
  • The ring – Whether you chose to go for a traditional style or if you figure that your partner is a tad more modern, there are thousands of options available to you when it comes to the best wedding jewellery. Many people go for pre-designed pieces that are timeless, but you could always go that extra mile and design the perfect piece yourself. One crazy example of a modern proposal was in the form of a sliced avocado made into a ring box! Alternatively, there are even websites where you get an avocado engraved with a message of your choice. So, whether you go ‘classic’ or, you choose to fashion a box out of your partner’s favourite fruit, there are options out there to suit everyone, so take your time, relax and get creative!
  • Have you asked the parents? Most people consider the tradition of asking the parents to be a big one, particularly if your partner has mentioned it before! Although, many families no longer have a traditional set up, it is often a good idea to consult a close family member or friend who knows your partner through and through. It is a lovely idea to talk through your decision and plans and ultimately, to make sure they are there to share such a monuments occasion.
  • The perfect venue – At home in your living room or the restaurant that you had your first date, the perfect proposal location is down to you. Does the person you are asking like to be the centre of attention? Or, would they prefer privacy and to share the magical moment with only you. In the news recently, one man got down on one knee at the end of Disney’s the Lion King live on stage and it’s safe to say that the lucky lady said yes! Depending on your budget, there are options to suit everyone, so whether you decide on the local park for a picnic in the springtime sunshine or you also go for something as crazy as at the end of a west end show, there is so much to choose from.
  • What message do you want to put across – Now is the time to explain to your better half how much you really care. It is the moment that not only, will remember for the rest of their lives, but they will tell all of their friends, family and social media about. So why not make it memorable for the right reasons, one example that has become exceptionally popular is skywriters. What could be a bigger way of saying ‘Marry Me?’ Than spelling it out in the clouds. Alternatively, you could always get your friends and family to hold signs up, literally spelling out your proposal… the only things to make sure of, is that your fiancés name isn’t too long, or that you have enough friends to hold the letter signs.


So, what happens next...

So you have mustered all of your courage to get down on one knee and you have asked the love of your life to marry you. Excitement is running high and the brochures and magazines have already established their place on the coffee table. So Now is definitely the best time to consider wedding insurance for your piece of mind. Before you start laying down deposits and signing formal contacts between you and your suppliers, wedding insurance is there to support you should any problems arise.


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