Why Reputation Management Is Important

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Are you proactively managing your business's reputation? We have advice and guidance on how to handle your reputation management strategy within our whitepaper - A Guide To Growing Your Reputation.

Why Reputation Management Is Important

Reputation management is key to the success of any business or brand. Business owners know all too well the damage a negative experience with a customer, client or colleague can do to their reputation, therefore the forward-thinking business owner will have a plan in place for reputation management. The statistics on this subject speak for themselves:

  • Businesses lose 70% of customers when 4 negative reviews are found online
  • Businesses with mostly 1 or 2 star reviews fail to convert around 90% of prospective customers
  • 86% of people would pay more for services from a company with higher ratings and reviews
  • 74% of customers have greater trust in a company if they read overwhelmingly positive reviews

The need for business owners to stay on top of their reputation management strategy is now bigger than ever. With the evolution of online reviews and ‘star rating’ creating opportunities and threats for businesses at the same time, those who aren’t proactively investing time into building a better reputation might find that they suffer for it.

At Event Insurance Services, we are here to prepare your business to face any challenges your events might experience, but we also want you to be fully informed on subjects as important as reputation management. That is why we have created Reputation Management: A Guide To Growing Your Reputation.  This whitepaper covers all of the following:

  • What is Reputation Management?
  • Reputation Management and the Law
  • Reputation Management at Your Events
  • Insure Your Event, Insure Your Reputation
  • Four Steps Towards Good Reputation Management
    • Dispute Resolution
    • Staff Training
    • Public Relations
    • Online Reviews
      • Social media
      • Review sites
      • Forums
  • Next Steps

After reading our whitepaper, you’ll know exactly what reputation management is, what you can do if someone is deliberately trying to defame your business, how to manage your reputation at your events and what to do about online reviews.

If you’re keen to learn more about reputation management, read the full whitepaper or download it here. Don’t forget, insuring your event can also insure your reputation if anything does go wrong. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your events specific requirements.

View the full Reputation Management Whitepaper here

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