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For event organisers who have several events to arrange, multiple event insurance policies are a god send.

Not only are they entirely practical, but they offer savings on the overall insurance premiums event organisers pay too! Many event organisers are still unaware of the benefits multiple event insurance policies provide and are unsure whether they qualify for the policy or not. We are here to set the record straight on multiple event insurance policies once and for all.

What is multiple event insurance?

Multiple event insurance is a specific insurance policy which covers the event organiser for more than one event. This is ideal for those who may have several exhibitions to run across the country or a variety of different events throughout the year. The multiple events insurance policy not only takes the hassle out of having several individual insurance policies for each event, it also offers a discounted premium making it much more cost effective.

What does multiple event insurance cover?

With a multiple event insurance policy, you can cover yourself for up to 45 different UK based events throughout the year, whether you are organising or attending them. Event Insurance Services standard multiple event insurance policies cover individual events that last for up to 3 consecutive days, however they do provide cover for events longer than that too. Essentially, the policies can cover anything you require for multiple events within the UK, however all of the following is covered as standard:


  • Public liability (up to £10 million)
  • Employer’s liability (up to £10 million)
  • Equipment used at each event
  • Cancellation cover on each individual event
  • Option to add adverse weather cover on to each individual event

How much does event insurance cost for multiple events?

Clearly, the cost of your multiple event insurance policy will vary depending on the exact cover you require; however everyone benefits from a reduced rate when then insure multiple events under one policy. As a general guidance, public liability can cost anywhere from £160 to £798, employer’s liability costs around £106 and event equipment cover costs from £105 to £316. Of course, all of these prices vary depending on your individual circumstances, such as how many members of staff are attending the event, how many attendees are at the event and how many events you are organising. Get in touch with Event Insurance Services to get a quote for your circumstances.

Event Insurance Services have been providing insurance policies to event organisers within the private and corporate sectors for over 20 years now and have experience in an eclectic variety of events, from Quidditch matches to corporate exhibitions. If you need to insure multiple events, talk to the team at Event Insurance Services today.

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