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Organising an event doesn’t come without deep thought into the planning process and the daunting prospect of any hiccups that may occur along the way.

What Event Organisers Can Learn from the Most Successful Events in the World

It is important to consider that a successful event isn’t arranged overnight; it is a process of the strategic planning of each and every element. Planning is crucial and acts as a map; when you are following a plan, you can see how far you have progressed and how far away you are from your destination.  The successful event organiser will follow tips used by some of the largest events that take place globally.


Glastonbury is the largest music and performing arts festival in the world. There is no doubt that a well detailed planning process is a crucial factor in making this event the most successful music festival in the UK; take a look at what Glastonbury does and how you can apply these to organising an event of your own.

The Right Venue

With over 150,000 festival-goers attending Glastonbury each year, it is vital that the right location can handle the aftermath of what the weather combined with a giant herd of muddy wellies can result in. There are few venues in the UK that could cope with the sheer size of the festival and one that is in line with their iconic image of the largest open-air dance floor where festival-goes have enjoyed Glastonbury for decades.

Glastonbury’s location isn’t about convenience, it’s about commitment, because of the enormous site it is held at. Worthy Farm has a whopping perimeter of 8 and a half miles and stretches a mile and a half across. Although your event most probably won’t be quite this big, it is important to consider the requirements of your event and so finding the perfect venue for your event may take some time. Before you start, you will want to have a strong understanding of your budget, the number of attendees and the type of your event so that you choose the perfect location.

Exciting Line-Up

Glastonbury has a reputation for providing music fans the biggest and best performers from all around the world. In total, 87 acts have headlined at Glastonbury and hundreds more have performed to cater to everyone’s musical needs. When you are organising the line-up for you event, remember that a special guest or speaker can make or break your event so you must consider your audience and ensure that your speakers are representative of your brand.

A Worthy Promotion Strategy

Glastonbury is renowned for creating a buzz from the minute the previous festival finishes to the second the next one starts. The build-up of anticipation as to who may be headlining next year creates an air of excitement for fans all over the world, leaving them desperately in need of a ticket. Glastonbury has seen a surge in popularity in line with the growth of social media and they have utilised their huge follower base to captivate an excited audience using a tactical promotional strategy. Posting regular updates on your event can help create conversation; see our Promotional Toolkit for more information.

One main thing it is important to take away from the success of Glastonbury is that each and every music fan that has attended the festival has walked away with an experience that they will never forget. Make sure that your event is planned effectively so that you attendees have been left with a powerful impression. Word of mouth will then play a huge part in the promotion of your next event!

Olympic Games

For the 120 years that the Olympics Games have been bringing the world together, there is no doubt that years of planning is invested into ensuring the Games leave behind a legacy for the host cities. Although what they cost to hold is more than what they immediately earn back, it is important to remember the impression it leaves behind. It is apparent that the success of London 2012’s Games have had a lasting impact on the way the Olympics are organised now and it may be beneficial to look at what they did to pull off such a substantial event that had the globe gripped for two and a half weeks.

What London 2012 did so well was focus on the smaller details and they were recognised by the athletes for doing so. Gold-winning boxer, Nicola Adams, said “the athletes’ village was incredible” and it was apparent that these minor aspects are what receive glowing reviews from athletes, spectators, officials and staff. When planning your event, it may be easy to forget the smaller details such as specialist food requirements, Wi-Fi connections and logistics so make sure your planning is precise to avoid any hick-ups.

London 2012 was most praised by the extensive amount of volunteers who assisted in the smooth running of the Games by directing people and creating a positive and uplifting experience. A free workforce of 70,000 in London delivered the Games across the line and could also be considered for small scale events. If you aren’t in the position to splash the cash on staff for your event, try registering for a free volunteer service, ensuring you provide clear information on who you are after.


Oktoberfest is a German festival that celebrates many people’s favourite things: beer, food and more beer, but what makes it such a successful event for over 6 million people each year?

With planners having decades of practical knowledge, they’ve got a huge understanding of their target demographic inside and out and so are able to market directly to them. Understanding your audience and how to encourage them to attend your event is imperative in developing the success of your event.

Oktoberfest is famous for the unique experience it provides for festival-goers, from the pretzels to the music, everything has been thought about to create an experience that is hard to replicate anywhere else. Making your event unique is a technique that you could adopt to make sure your attendees are getting the same attention and giving them an experience they will never forget. It could be beneficial to come up with a clever name or tagline to define and brand your experience; much like Oktoberfest have with ‘gemütlichkeit’ (meaning friendliness in English). It is tradition that whenever this is mentioned in the famous song, everyone must toast and drink, assisting in giving Oktoberfest’s reputation.

If you’re looking for some additional tips for planning your event, then take a look at our toolkit which will help you get to grips with promoting your event and getting it noticed by the right people in the right places.

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