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I had pictured the moment a 100 times in my head, what I was going to say, where I wanted to say it, all to make sure it was moment never to forget. However, none of that really prepared me for the emotional roller-coaster that I was going to experience when popping the question.

An Engagement Of Our Very Own

With the ring packed safely away in my rucksack, we trekked up the steep inlcine to the cliff top overlooking the stunning Woolacombe Bay. After making the climb we arrived at the top where I wanted to ask the question, but firstly we took a moment to catch a breath after making the steep walk up the cliffside. Everything felt like it was moving at a million miles per hour by this point and I felt like every action, movement, and word I said might give away what I was about to ask. Placing my rucksack on a bench I began to rummage around looking for "something", getting myself in a panic as I couldn't find the ring in my bag, all whilst my Fiancée completely oblivious and urging me to get a move on and carry on with the walk. I then grabbed onto the small box, pulled it out of my bag and turned to her falling to one knee, and in that moment, everything I had planned to say vanished from my head and I just about managed to get out the words, “will you marry me”.

After all the initial celebrations of the engagement (she did say yes!), we sat down and started to plan what type of wedding we would like. Large or small, near to home or abroad, in a church or not, there was so much to think about! WE quickly came to the conclusion that we wanted to have the big wedding somewhere close to home in Dorset that held some meaing to us, and also celebrate with all our friends and family. We found the perfect venue and also setting to say the I do's, but it quickly became apparent that we were going to be investing a large amount of money to have the wedding we wanted.

Working in the marketing department at Events Insurance, I spend a lot of time researching and writing pieces about wedding insurance. But, only until that moment of putting down that first deposit did I really truly understand the messages in my writing, and I instantly knew that wedding insurance was going to be something that I needed to organise as soon as possible.

Every month, my fiancée and I are making sacrifices to ensure we can have enough money for the wedding that we want. It takes so much time, investment and dedication to plan a wedding. If something were to go wrong it would be financially devastating to myself and my partner and would cast a massive shadow over the big day. With some of the wedding claims we deal with here, and the stories you hear about wedding planners “stealing” money, or wedding dress shops shutting down, I made sure to take out a policy as soon as I made my first deposit to make sure we weren't at a risk.

Luckily we have not had any hiccups in our journey so far, but I feel at ease knowing that I am financially protected and if anything did go wrong, my wedding insurance cover is there to give us some protection.

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