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The basic difference between a stallholder and an exhibitor is a tricky one, it varies from the type of event to the the size of the stall.

What is the difference between a stallholder and an exhibitor?

At Event Insurance Services, we define a ‘Stallholder’ as someone who has a basic setup on a pitch no larger than 3m x 3m, for example, someone selling from a table top. Anything larger or more elaborate, such as a shell scheme unit would then be classed as an ‘Exhibitor’.

You will be classed as an Exhibitor if you are demonstrating a product or service, or if you are exhibiting any form of vehicle, or if you are providing a treatment such as massages or fascepainting.  . Stallholders would usually have a small setup at events such as a village fete, craft fair or market.

If you conducting a workshop of some description, then you would fall under our One-Off Event Insurance because you will have a specific number of people participating.

Do your stallholder and exhibitor policies cover product liability?  

Whilst we can offer property cover for your products if you request to add stock/stand cover to your insurance policy, we are unable to cover the liability of the product itself if it causes harm to someone at the event, whether they be a member of the public or an employee.

However, this does mean that we can look to cover you against any damages or theft to your own personal stock or the exhibition/stallholder stand that you are using on the day.

Do your stallholder and exhibitor policies cover hot food stands?

If you are suppling homemade cakes or pre-packed food, then we can look to place you under a stallholder’s policy. For those supplied fresh, made to order cold food then the exhibitors is the right policy for you.

Unfortunately, due to the increased risk of food stands, particularly hot food stands, we are unable to offer cover for any stallholder of exhibitionist providing hot food under this policy.

Although we do not cover hot food or catering type stalls under our stallholder or exhibition policies, we can cover them under our ‘One Off Event’ insurance policies.


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