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The organisation of any event - no matter the size - can be daunting. It requires a lot of patience, determination and hard work. Here's just a few things to think about whilst organising your own event.

5 Ways To Raise Your Game As An Event Planner

1.Practice makes perfect

As with anything, the more experience we have doing something, the better the results.  Planning an event is no exception.  A well executed event is one that comes from experience, and learning from our own mistakes can be the best way to learn. The more events we plan, the more experience we have of what works and what doesn't work. 

Working with a team allows for delegation and a broader ideas spectrum, but it also relies heavily on communication - making this a key feature and remembering what the objective of the event is, could be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful event. 

The organisation process can be extremely stressful, not to mention time consuming . Keeping an open mind & allowing for flexibility allows for the possibility of modification & development along the way, keeps things fresh and exciting. And will hopefully help avoid the last minute panic just before your event begins!

2.Read widely, and engage with thought leaders

Taking inspiration from our peers and mixing it with our own creativity can be of great benefit when it comes to event planning.  Knowledge is power after all, so the more research we allow for and the more engagement we have with other big players, can have a positive influence on our own events.  Researching and taking ideas from past shows and events, allows not only inspiration but enables us to learn from other peoples’ mistakes.

3.Attend events and learn practices

The more we educate ourselves with different styles of event planning and also the methods which are executed throughout events, the greater understanding we have not only of what could work for us as organisers personally, but what works full stop. 

Attending events as guests gives a different perspective, it allows for an objective point of view.  Never stop learning!  If we can’t be present at others events, listening to lectures online or reading interviews with those who have years of experience can really help to increase our own knowledge. And with crowd streaming becoming more prevalent in the event industry – where you can virtually attend an event – it gives you a chance to really immerse yourself in events across the globe.

 4.Love what you do

You know that saying, positively breeds positivity?  Positivity quite literally grows!  The more positive you are about something, the more successful the results.  If you love what you do, it shows - not only to your guests at your event, but if you are working as a team, it can be the driving force behind team members enthusiasm.


With passion comes the increasing desire for originality, for change and if you are involved with organising multiple events, this allows each one to be exciting without the worry of things becoming stale.  If you have a genuine love for something, the planning process can be effortless. 

5.Plan, plan & prepare

Allowing yourself plenty of time to plan your event will allow for a less stressful experience.  By writing check lists, you can organise your time and ensure that important tasks don't get over looked. Things to think about:

•   Objectives – why are you organising the event & who is your target audience?

•    Venue/catering/logistics – Where will you hold the event?

                                           Will contracts be in place?

                                           Will you supply refreshments? 

                                           What is the accessibility like for your guests? 

•    Insurance – What insurance do you require? 

                    Has the venue stipulated a required level of indemnity?

                    Will you have employees or volunteers working under your instruction?

•    Guest speakers or performers – Will they be traveling from abroad?


                                                   Timings at the event.

•    Promotion – Free social media platforms?

                     Employ the services of an advertising agency?

•    Advertising/sponsors – How will the event be funded?

                                      Will you promote other businesses?

•    Employees/volunteer – Will you have anyone working under your instruction?

Through the organisation process it can be easy to overlook certain aspects of your event, perhaps it's the things which don't seem as exciting as others or those nitty gritty details which seem to fall from your mind.  Insurance isn't glamourous, there's no way of dressing it up to be exciting but it could be one of, if not the most important & valuable aspects of anyone’s event. 

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