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With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, love is in the air and it’s the perfect time of year to start planning that big moment. These days coming up with a truly unique or individual proposal idea can be incredibly daunting but we’re hoping we can serve up a few inspiring ideas that will help you plan your own perfect proposal.

#1 Take It Back To The Start

Return to the place where you first met and had your first kiss or date. A place that holds romantic significance to you both. If possible contact any relevant establishment, see if there is a creative possibility of getting the venue or staff involved. Once the date is underway steer the conversation down memory lane and comment on what an amazing journey it’s been so far, after that get down on one knee and suggest that it’s about time to take the next step on that path together.

#2 Peek-a-ring

A simple but surprising proposal practice is that of hiding the ring in an unexpected place. You can pop it in place of a chocolate amongst a luxury box of their favourites, hide it amongst a romantic picnic hamper and have them root it out at the same time as the champagne or even deviously (and carefully) have it brought out as part of the dessert course at your favourite restaurant. Wherever you hide it just make sure you don’t hide it so well that you can’t find it yourself (and if you’re hiding it somewhere especially secluded maybe take out some ring insurance.)

#3 Love Hunt

Any of you who’ve read/seen Gone Girl will be familiar with the idea of a romantically themed scavengers hunt (no fake deaths please). The concept for those unfamiliar is a fairly simple one: leave a trail of clues for your other half to find, each one directing them on to the next. The hunt could lead them on a tour of significant spots you’ve made memories at as a couple, or more simply love notes hidden around the house. However extravagant the quest you make sure the final clue leads them to you, on one knee with a smile on your face and a kiss on your lips.

#4 Spell It Out

“Will You Marry Me?”, it’s a big question and should be treated as such, with each letter made as gargantuan as the place your significant other holds in your heart. Whether spelled out in the sand during a romantic walk on the beach, written in the sky from the back of a plane or just crafted in their morning cereal bowl from corn flakes, seeing those words spelt out is sure to make their heart skip.

#5 Draw A Crowd

A wedding is a way to announce your love to the world, so making the proposal in front of an already amassed crowd is an obvious place to start. You can guarantee an audience by planning to pop the question somewhere public and busy, or through rigorous planning, inviting and insuring all your nearest and dearest are there to celebrate with you when they say yes. Popular places include cinemas where you can get a personal advert/video to play before the feature, sporting events with the question plastered on the score screen or in front of a significant tourist attraction.

However you decide to pose that all important question we wish you both all the best on your big day, if you want to make extra sure that your big day goes absolutely perfectly why don’t you take a look at our excellent wedding day insurance packages.

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