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We have recently returned from an exhaustingly exciting day at the International Confex show in London. I have decided to take a break from sifting through the bags of contact details and free goodies we were given by all the lovely people we met, to quickly document just how inspiring the show itself and the exhibitors were.

Confex 2015

Confex has recently been re-invigorated by Mash Media and the new look and feel of the show has leant it a renewed energy and a fresh swagger that has moulded it into an entirely new beast. An absolute must attend showcase that highlights the passion provided from every corner of the events industry. Whether selling stunning venues, cutting edge software or simply innovative networking tools every exhibitor had a smile on their face and seemed to genuinely be enjoying their time at the Olympia Conference Center.

The layout and decor of the event is simple but vibrant, the blue flooring and kaleidoscopic colours presented by the various stallholders create that kid in a candy shop kind of a feeling. This sense of wonder is further enforced when stumbling across some of the more exotic stalls. The presentations and lectures on offer are both interesting and informative with particular mention this year to Clare Balding who gave an insightful, moving and humorous speech on her experiences in the sporting events world and why it is that Britain is capable of delivering world class events spanning every conceivable industry field. 

Among the more fascinating stalls we discovered this year were the Rewind FX stand where we were strapped into an Occulus Rift and treated to the immersive and slightly vertigo inducing stunning visuals of their Red Bull Air Race simulator. 

Another memorable stall was the Lick Me I'm Delicious stand offering an inventive and wonka-esque spin on event catering with candy contraptions such as the liquid nitrogen powered ice cream machine capable of producing delicious freshly made ice cream in front of your very eyes, or for those of you watching your waistline why not try the tongue tingling edible mist machine? These crazy creations are the work of genius or insanity.

Lastly we have to mention the distinct treat we had when walking past the Elwood Blues Classic Soul Factor stand, this party for hire treated his Confex audience to a taste of the soulful, irresistibly charming and unique spin he has taken on event entertainment hire. Offering something far more engaging than simply bringing in a DJ or band, what is on offer here is an immersive show which we highly recommend you check out for your next party or function. Plus he gave us a cool hat.

Throughout the day we spoke and networked with some of the most beautiful events venues in the country and each and every one of them were friendly and helpful, their stands and signage really showcased the unique and awing splendour that their particular venues had to offer. We know talking to us about Insurance isn’t the most exciting thing on offer at Confex and we appreciate the courtesy. 

Confex has always been at the very peak of the events industry and this year was no different.

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