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As the organiser of an event, regardless of the size, you are likely to have 101 things buzzing around your head at an incredible speed.

There is so much to organise and in amongst this mountain of things, the little details, like the insurance, can get overlooked.

As a specialist Event Insurance company, we see first hand the blood, sweat & tears that goes into each and every event, but we also understand that it's the little details, like the Event Insurance, that really could save the day. That’s why we’ve come up with 5 important reasons why you should insure your next one-off event.

1. Cancellation

Should there be the inability to proceed with the event prior to the start date, and it cannot be postponed, the cancellation section of the policy will respond. Any irrecoverable costs or expenses which have been incurred by the organiser (policy holder) in connection with the event will be paid up to the level of indemnity on the policy. For example, if the event was deemed unsafe to proceed by the health and safety authorities due to adverse weather, or if personal issues or family matters (non pre-existing) should make the event impossible to go ahead, these may both be grounds for cancellation within your Event Insurance policy.

2. Public Liability Insurance for Events – Injury

If an attendee at the event should accidentally injure themselves as a result of the organisers’ (policy holder) negligence - for example, if the organiser were to leave an object obstructing the pathway which resulted in an attendee tripping over it - the accidental bodily injury section of the Public Liability insurance policy would respond.

3. Public Liability Insurance for Events – Damage

If, whilst at the event, there is any accidental loss of or damage to material property not belonging to you as the policy holder, the Public Liability section of the insurance policy will respond to the loss or damages. In the case that an attendee at the event should accidentally damage the marquee belonging to the venue or accidentally knock over a vase which is property of the venue, this would be covered.

4. Fire

A firework display is a great way to entertain guests and end your event with a bang, but you must remember it is the responsibility of the organiser to ensure the safety of their guests. Whereas a one off event policy will exclude dangerous activities such as fireworks and bonfires, our fireworks policy will respond to those particular needs should there be any accidental bodily injury to any person other than the individual, or group of individuals, responsible for releasing the fireworks and or any accidental loss of or damage to material property not belonging to the organiser (policy holder). If, whilst abiding to the fire and safety regulations, a member of the public were to become accidentally injured as a result of a firework display or a nearby building were to be accidentally damaged by the firework display, it would be the firework policy and the level of indemnity which would respond to these incidents.

5. Peace of mind

We all know that, even with the best intentions, things don't always go to plan! To have complete control over every little detail would be close to impossible. With comprehensive Event Insurance cover you, as the policy holder, can sleep easy knowing that if the unthinkable should happen, as a specialist Event Insurance company, we've got your back. If you have any questions regarding your event, please feel free to contact us.

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