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Disposable income or borrowed finances, who can honestly afford to gamble with the cost of an average wedding?

Statistics show that the average wedding currently costs in the region of £20k. Although most weddings come in under this, it is still a huge financial commitment.

This one day takes somewhere between 12 to 18 months to organise. Prime dates at most venues are booked years in advance. The hours and days of planning flowers, cake, dresses, transport, entertainment; the list is endless and so is the ever amounting bill.

So why do people shy away from insuring something so special? On the whole it seems to be the conception, what could possibly go wrong?

Thankfully the majority never have the need to call upon insurance but when it does go wrong, the varying degrees of wrong can make the difference between the wedding going ahead or being cancelled altogether. Every day our claims manager Lucy Evans sees the disruption and distress experienced by clients, from wedding presents going missing, to most recently, a popular venue being flooded.

The venue had offered fantastic early season packages and although the couples had received full refunds, they found out when they tried to re-book nearby, the price difference was considerable and they had to source a number of services externally at a much higher cost.

At Event Insurance Services Ltd, we offer comprehensive insurance packages that can be tailored to suit the size and scale of any wedding, with premiums starting from just £50, and should the need arise, we have a first class claims handling department dealing with problems and situations quickly and compassionately.

Our policies are endorsed by some of the top wedding venues in the UK and our ethos is focussed on customer service and quality. Your occasion is our priority.

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