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‘But all I’m doing is singing at a wedding, why do I need insurance?’

Common Question

It’s a commonly asked question here at Event Insurance and certainly one which doesn’t go unheard.

When you've been asked to perform at a special occasion, singing at a wedding or playing guitar at a fete, to take out an insurance policy may not even enter your mind, the risk may be so low that it’s not even a thought. The organiser or the venue will require any third party to have their own public liability cover no matter the level of risk.

Responding to the markets needs

With a lot of enquiries from potential customers regarding performing at events, we wanted to offer a policy which would turn a potential client into an active client. With our performer’s policy, we provide cover specifically for people performing at one off events such as weddings or special occasions.

Seeing this gap in the market, we were able to design a heavily discounted one off event policy to meet the demands we were facing, creating a policy which would accurately match the level of risk involved with a price tag to suit.

Not for everyone

We can’t say this policy will suit everyone, if tomorrow we had a phone call from Beyoncés Management Company asking for a quotation, we would have to decline! At an indicated premium of £25 for a one day performance, we’re looking a little lower key than A- listers!

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