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For some, New Year's Eve is the biggest night of the year, all days that come before lead up to this momentous night.

Plans are being made months in advance, new frocks are bought, bodies are groomed and parties are organised. Every small detail is worked out and executed with precision with the intention of a show stopping night, with a grand finale of fireworks at midnight.

At the other end of the scale, the final night of the year can be seen simply as just another night, an anti climax in the grand scale of celebrations. A night to avoid hitting the town, to shy away from the crowds , over priced cocktails and expensive door entries. To favour an evening in with a bottle of bubbly, a comfy couch, a great movie and a midnight snack!

New Year's Eve brings a feeling of possibility, come morning, a fresh start for all. Whether it’s a private momentary thought or a life changing decision, the moment resolutions are made, they are filled with conviction & hope. Hope that the year which follows will bring promise and good fortune.

Whatever is said about New Year's Eve, or however you choose to spend it, like at Christmas time, the atmosphere can be electric, with the majority of mankind favouring the attitude of good will to all men. 

Whether you’re saying goodbye to the best year of your life or gladly welcoming in the New Year with arms open wide,  whether you’re dancing the night away when Big Ben strikes midnight or toasting loved ones on the couch as the countdown is shown on T.V, we wish every single one of you, the happiest and most prosperous 2015!

Happy New Year!

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