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'I thought summer was all over?' Think again. It’s the middle of September but according to the met office, temperatures are continuing to climb.

No winter, it’s not quite time for you yet

It was only a couple of weeks ago we were experiencing heavy downpours and talking about Halloween costumes and Christmas parties. It seems the season of summer had a different idea and wasn’t quite ready to leave.

Winters in the UK are long so we like to hang on to the summer months for as long as possible, exposing as much skin as we can as soon as the sun starts shining, painting our skin in various shades of red until the very last drop of summer. Too soon do those long winter months start creeping in again.

As a rebellion against winter, why not throw an ‘Indian summer’ party.

The less interesting, but essential part.

Depending on where you choose to hold your party will depend on what level of insurance you require. The venue/land owner will generally be able to advise a level of Public Liability cover, but essentially it is up to you as the organiser to assess possible risk. No matter if you’re organising a large scale event in an established venue or a small gathering in a village hall, Public Liability is generally required regardless of the risk.

Our celebrations and parties policy can offer various levels of Public Liability cover and if you have any equipment which needs covering, as long as it falls within our guidelines, we can cover that too.

Don’t start dusting off those baubles just yet; summer hasn’t quite finished with us.

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