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Well done, it all went well, one or two hitches perhaps, but nothing you couldn't sort out, and the event was a big success!

But there may be a few things you need, or would like to do after the event.

  1. Hold a post-review meeting to outline any areas that could be improved next time. Evaluate any feedback forms or feedback from the website. Input from the team will also be very useful and it's important to use this where possible, especially if you plan to run it again. This will not only improve the event but also keep the team engaged and more likely to be involved next time.
  2. You may want to have a Thank You party for those who helped, the team, the sponsors and volunteers.
  3. Distribute any souvenirs, photos or other publications to relevant people.
  4. Finalize and settle the accounts.
  5. Finally, if planning another event, review your own and the Team's performance. Asses each member, their strengths, weaknesses and how they might be best used (or not used!) next time.

If this is an annual event you may also went to do some basic planning for next year while everything is still fresh in your mind!

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