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Are you involved in organising an event? Then you most definitely need public liability.

This covers you legal liabilities should a member of the public or guest at your event sustains an injury whilst at your event, furthermore it covers you legal liabilities should the venue get damaged as a result of your event being staged there.

Speak to a professional

If you are unsure exactly what you need, speak to an advisor, explain your event and what you expect from the insurance policy. A helpful insurer will talk you through the policy exclusions and what other documents you may have to consider, for instance a risk assessment and proof of third parties own cover, i.e. fun fair rides or suppliers such as marquees.

Simply buying on line may leave you exposed

You will be able to obtain a quotation online to give you an idea of cost, and terms and conditions will be readily available but in most cases a quick chat with an advisor can help ensure you have the correct cover for your event. A number of insurance companies will simply advise you go on line, if they do, try another insurer, you need to know and trust that you have the right cover, if they can't be bothered at the point of sale, they most certainly may not be much help in the event of a claim.

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