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A recent detailed analysis of enquiries and trends at the Event Insurance office have once again allowed us to respond to market needs.

Hitting the Right Note

We were getting a number of bands an DJs being insured as add-ons to weddings, events, celebrations, occasions and functions.  This made us realise there was an opportunity to provide a simple annual liability policy for bands and small groups of performers.

Even though the exposure is minimal most venues will insist that acts be covered for public liability. So we wanted to keep it simple and clean, a public liability policy to cover gigs attended, practice sessions and cover to turn up, play your music and leave.

Not Oasis!

The policy can naturally be extended to cover events and gigs organised by the insured, for an additional premium. This is an entry level product specifically and restricted to the amateur musician, we’re not looking to insure Oasis here, more like Dave’s mobile disco and for a 100 gigs a year for as little as £110 the policy represents excellent value.

The policy details can be found on our Band and DJ Insurance section or alternatively we can send or email information by calling the underwriting team on 01425 484860.

As with all our products we do not change policy set up fees or admin fees.

So if you are a regular gigging musician or DJ check it out.

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