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As one of the UK's leading event insurers we see firsthand on a day to day basis the devastating effect a potential mishap can have on any event, not to mention the possibility of the entire cancellation.

Since establishing in 1996 the company has evolved a professional and original approach to acknowledging clients needs by developing insurance policies with the consciousness that every event is unique and individual and that as a company we are relied upon to provide the most comprehensive and appropriate cover.

We don’t underestimate the damaging effects caused when something goes wrong during an event, whatever the occasion. With our Affiliate Scheme in place, both the client and the venue can rest assured that they are protected against accidental mishap.

By simply recommending us as an insurer, the venue can earn commission every time a client takes out a policy with us, offering protection for both the venue and the client.

Benefits of working with us

  • The client gets the financial security of a first class insurance cover
  • The venue or organisation gets the financial assurance that the client is fully covered
  • The venue or oraganisation are automatically awarded 15% of each premium paid to us
  • Staff benefit from regular chocolate related monthly prizes

As a core distribution channel for the niche market, we have aligned ourselves with some of the country’s top wedding and event venues creating a mutually rewarding affiliation. This is a contract free relationship which requires minimal input but results in financial security for both your clients and the organisation.

Interaction with all our affiliates is paramount in building on their continued support, with regular marketing material, promotional items and social engagement via viral channels, this indispensable engagement is achieved, enabling us to keep the brand fresh and relevant, while daily communication and contact with our markets ensures they are always up to date with our products.

Through media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, blogging websites and Pinterest, we are able to continually build brand awareness, giving the company a voice and allowing us to reach out and create relationships with venues, brokers and direct clients, building a sense of online community.

You can’t foresee the unforeseeable, but with adequate insurance in place, we can make sure that you’re prepared, should anything happen. After all, peace of mind is priceless.

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