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There seem to be two views on Valentines’ Day. Some people find it all a bit commercial and forced, with constant high street store and TV reminders - a feeling we can probably all relate to on occasions (did you know that in 2010, Hallmark sold 5 billion Valentine cards?). Then there are those that embrace it all, go for everything on offer, and really treat that special person.

But perhaps we should just see it as a good excuse to have some fun. I think I have the answer to keeping everyone happy and actually enjoying the whole ‘Feast Day’ that apparently St Valentines officially was.

A Valentine event can be an all round fun affair for both types, with the forced unoriginality of standard Valentines’ Day offerings abandoned for a fun, funny and frivolous Valentines Party or even a larger scale event  - a Valentines Ball?

No Red Roses. No Pressure

You could start with an interesting and fun menu of sumptuous food partnered with hilarious games, and rounds of the ‘Mr & Mrs’ game while enjoying  several glasses of pink bubbles. No red roses, no pressure, a total laugh, and Valentines’ Day has a big fat ‘tick’ next to it. Make it as glamorous or as cheesy as you like.  Hiring a local catering company can make sure you get to enjoy the Valentines Feast to the full. You may even choose a party planner to help provide fun props and perhaps set up a cosy lounge corner for the after dinner drinks.

Valentines Ideas

Here are some ideas to make your Valentines event original, fun and a feast for all:

  • Project a romantic movie (or movies) on a screen
  • Synchronise scents of fragranced candles on each table, or choose unscented candles but select strongly scented hyacinths or similar flowers.
  • Set up a photo booth - with a fancy dress box.
  • Put a Polaroid camera on each table, so there are instant giggles to be had.

Another idea is to put some cards with Mr & Mrs questions at the centre of each table, guaranteed  to break the ice between new couples and strangers. Questions could be:

  • What is your or your partners dream date?
  • What is your or your partners’ worst habit?
  • What was your or your partners’ most embarrassing moment?
  • What is your or your  partners’ favourite food?
  • Who would best deal with the spider?
  • What is your or your partners’ best joke or impression?

Making Valentines Day into a fun party or bigger event may not keep everyone happy, but with a little imagination it easily beats a card and a red rose.

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